Are you ready? Then take a walk with us down memory lane, as we set our 1960’s Chicago AM
car radio dial to WLS & WCFL. Of course, we had to take our transistor radios along with us for
those special visits to the beach. How about that special local ice cream parlor, where we would meet up
with friends, while enjoying a burger and a milkshake? Wherever we went, our music came along with us!

Everyone had a great time listening to their favorite 60's songs. Every song told a story, and each
song created so many indelible memories. This wonderful music was written, recorded and
performed by real musicians - not computers, drum machines, and synthesizers (What were they?)
Whether you were washing Mom and Dad’s car, or on your way to the sock hop, or drive-in, you
could always listen, dance, or just sing along to your favorite song on the charts.


The Meteors perform these classic rock & roll dance gems with the same “authenticity” as the
original artists. Fact is: These songs were Top 40 hits when we first started playing them back in
the 60's, so we really have a lot of first hand experience playing them after all these years !


Let us take you back in time. “Listen” - as you hear us reproduce these great songs. All of our
musicians are also talented singers. Many of these original classics feature complex vocal
arrangements (with 3 and 4 part harmonies) which we pride ourselves in recreating perfectly.
The Meteors cover more than 75 different artists, from 1958 – 1971 (The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll) with no
backing tapes or tracks !

Be sure to bring your dancing shoes (You're gonna need 'em!!) - as we take you on a journey with
us “back in time” to the greatest music ever written. Treat your ears to the finest live music available. The Meteors are, without question, your #1 choice for an unforgettable classic pop entertainment experience !

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